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A new Creole restaurant, La Joie, has opened at the former location of Deli Wright in Cedar Hill, Texas. The restaurant takes over the former space at the corner of East Sixth Street and West Main Street. A new, casual restaurant has opened on the ground floor of a former deli on East Fifth Street, south of the intersection of West Sixth Street and East Main Street. El Cajon Delicatessen, the old El Pueblo Delis on West Fifth and Wright that opened this summer, have all come to an end.

The pop-up company is also working with the Kitty Cohen bar in East Austin to provide snacks at the bar throughout the month. The bakery will also offer baked goods at the counter on West Sixth Street and West Main Street on Fridays from noon to 5 p.m.

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For Texas and the Texas Restaurant Association, this means that 10,000 restaurants have already closed, 30 percent more are closed or are closing, and 75 percent of operators have told their employees that their teams are smaller than before because of the pandemic, and 65 percent work from home. The poll found that 79 percent of respondents said the number of emergency responders in Texas hospitals and nursing homes is the lowest since October last year, and 62 percent believe their overall sales will continue to decline over the next three months.

Upcoming dishes include fried chicken ribs and barbecue tacos prepared by comedian chef Philip Speer. On deck are deconstructed samosas, a chicken and pork sandwich and a pork sandwich - chicken sandwich with chicken and avocado.

The pick-up food will be served at a location yet to be announced, but the restaurant's sister restaurants in Austin and San Antonio will also serve specialties. There is a minimum order of $5 per person per day, as opposed to the usual $12 if the restaurants are closed for up to two days.

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More About Cedar Hill